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Waterloo Starter Kit: d'Erlon's Assault PDF Download


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For those of you who might be a little intimidated by the massive forces offered in the Waterloo Armies sets, we also offer a smaller starter kit, d'Erlon's Assault. This kit includes General d'Erlon's French I Corps with eight infantry brigades, a light cavalry division plus artillery support. Opposing it are the forces which historically held Wellington's line: The infantry brigades of Kempt, Pack, Bylandt, Best, Vincke and Sax-Weimar, the cavalry brigades of Ponsonby, Vandeluer and Vivian, plus artillery support. More than enough for a great introductory game of Napoleonic warfare! Anyone who buys this set and then later purchases the complete set of three Waterloo armies will be credited with the purchase price of this set!

This is a PDF download which you must print out yourself.