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Vauban City Walls Wall Sections


Availability: 1000 available

The Vauban style of fortification was very complex and had many elements. One of the most important elements was the walls. This kit includes wall sections of several different lengths. The 10/12mm scale kit includes six 6" wall sections, and twelve 3" wall sections for a total of 72" of walls. The 15mm kit includes six 8" wall sections and twelve 4" wall sections for a total of 96" of walls. The 20mm kit includes six 10.4" wall sections and twelve 5.2" wall sections for a total of 125" of walls. The 25/28mm kit includes six 12.8" wall sections and twelve 6.4" wall sections for a total of 153" of walls. Each of the kits also includes six sets of stairs to allow your troops to reach the wall walkways. Each kit is also available in either brick or stone finish.