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Ste. Mere Eglise Church

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The church in the Norman town of Ste. Mere Eglise is perhaps the most famous church of the Second World War. It gained fame when a company of the 82nd Airborne Division dropped into the town by mistake on D-Day. One of the troopers ended up hanging in his parachute from the bell tower. The church saw more action the following morning as the battle swirled around the town. The church is a large stone structure very typical of many French churches. Now you can add a highly detailed model of this famous structure to your game table! The model is so large that we did not include our usual ruins-underneath feature, but all five roof sections can be lifted off to reveal the interior detail. The kit comes with over 70 pieces but is easy to assemble by following the step-by-step illustrated instructions. This is our largest model to date. The 10/12mm version is 12" long by 7" wide by 8" high. The 15mm version is 17"x10"x11". The 20mm version is 21"x13"x14" and the 25/28mm version is 26"x15"x17"