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Pontoon Bridge-Horse & Musket Era

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Since ancient times armies have needed a way to build temporary bridges. By the 18th and 19th centuries the method for doing so had become fairly standardized: a series of small boats linked together with beams and a roadway laid on top. This kit allows you to build a typical example of that sort of bridge. The 10/12mm scale kit includes 15 pontoon boats and 28" of roadway. The boats measure 2 1/4" x 1/2" and the roadway is 1 1/8" wide, The 15mm scale kit includes 12 pontoon boats and 25" of roadway. The boats are 3" x 5/8" and the roadway is 1 1/2" wide. The 20mm scale kit inclides 9 pontoon boats and 30" of roadway. The boats are 4" x 7/8" and the roadway is 2" wide. The 25/28mm scale kit includes 9 pontoon boats and 40" of roadway. The boats are 5" x 1" and the roadway is 2 5/8" wide.  The kit comes unassembled and does not include landscaping or miniature figures.