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Frontier Fort

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Many forts were built on the American Frontier. Some were built by the military, some were built by explorers and some were built by traders. Most were built of wood, which was abundant in many areas. This kit allows you to build an accurate model of Fort William, Wyoming, which was on the site of present day Fort Laramie. The fort was built in 1834 by a group of fur traders as protection against wild animals and the native people. This model was commissioned by the Fort Laramie Historical Society to commorate the 175th anniversary of the building of the fort. The model was reviewed by historians at the National Park Service for accuracy. It comes with three blockhouses and five interior buildinghs. The roofs of all of these are removeable. The 10/12mm scale fort is approxiamtely 10" square, the 15mm kit is 12" square, the 20mm kit is 16" square and the 25/28mm kit is 20" square.