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French Grande Armeee 1815 PDF Download


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The Grande Armee that Napoleon led into Belgium in June of 1815 had five infantry corps, four cavalry corps and the Imperial Guard. A force of about 125,000 men. This kit includes every battalion, regiment, division, brigade and corps in that army, plus the artillery that supported it—nearly 12,000 miniatures! All of the troop types found in the original army- fusiliers and voltigeurs, grenadiers and chasseurs, carabineers, hussars, chasseurs a cheval, dragoons, lancers, cuirassiers, they are all here with their uniforms and flags depicted accurately in full color at 10mm scale. This is a large set! 52 separate letter-sized sheets. The kit is a PDF download which you must print out yourself. Caution this is a large file! It is 362 megabytes.