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Cornfields were a common feature on many a battlefield. This kit allows you to add cornfields to your gaming table. The kit provides individual rows of corn that you can base however you like. Put space between the rows so you can place your figures there, or pack the rows tightly for a more natural effect. The corn is available in 6 different scales.   The kit shows full-grown corn, but you can model immature corn just buy buying it in a smaller scale!  The 3mm Scale kit gives you 475" of corn (almost 40 feet).   The 6mm scale kit gives you 370" of corn (over 30 feet). The 10/12mm scale kit gives you 245" of corn (over 20 feet). The 15mm scale kit gives you 200" of corn (over 16 feet). The 20mm scale kit gives you 180" of corn (over 15 feet). The 25/28mm kit gives you150" of corn (over 12 feet).  The 6mm corn stands about 5/16" high, the 10/12mm corn is 11/16" high, the 15mm corn is 7/8" high, the 20mm corn is 1 1/8" high and the 25/28mm corn is 1 3/8" high.