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Burgess-Dunne D8 Aircraft


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During The Great Martian War, the humans quickly learned that one of the few technological advantages they had over the Martians was aircraft.Despite crossing the huge gulf of space to reach Earth, the Martians had no smaller aircraft. Humans were soon using aircraft for scouting. After that they began to use aircraft to attack the invaders directly. Despite the terrible vulnerability of wood and canvas aircraft to the Martian heat rays, bold pilots made desperate attacks. Losses were high and aircraft which could be built quickly and which were easy enough for hastily-trained pilots to fly were needed. One model, the Burgess-Dunne D8 was built in large numbers. Originally an English design, the Burgess-Dunne was built by Curtis in the United States. It's unusual swept-wing design proved to be surprisingly stable and was very popular with the pilots.

This kit includes 5 aircraft models.